LAMS activity planner

Leanne Cameron and James Daziel talking at the Ped Planner Summit, 8th Dec, Sydney

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Gráinne Conole
8 December 2008

There are a number of levels of design – activity, subject, course, degree
Different learning design tools are valauble at different levels of design

There is a continuum of skills in terms of design and each will be supported by

different kinds of support:

  • From novice (recipe), experience (scaffold, examples), skilled (best practice)

The LAMS activity planner aims to give just in time support mapped to different

skills levels

Designs suggested

  • Investigating alternative perspectives
  • Problem-based llearning
  • Equiry-based learning
  • Role play
  • Project/case study
  • Predict, observe explain
  • PEEL activities
  • Collaborative learning using online discussion
  • Learner group activities

Two layers to pedagogical planners

Teacher - using a pedagogic planner

  1. Select template via decision process
  2. Fill in essential content/tasks
  3. Preview, iterate, run (share)

Designer - Creating a pedagogic planner:

  1. Create a decision process
  2. Create a pre-configured template
  3. Link to/install decisions and templates


Stage 1: is for reflection on context, student needs, topic, constraints, etc

Can be a guided process (linear or cyclic), tagged repository etc

Software can this be previewed and run

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