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Design for Learning: Special Interest Group Lunch

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Yishay Mor
27 November 2011

An open chat on design for learning at OEB, Friday 2 Dec, 13:00-14:00, Bellevue Room

New technologies offer learners unprecedented opportunities to create, organise, share and access knowledge. Such technologies effect potent learning environments, yet these are constantly shifting with escalating complexity. In order for educators to effectively orchestrate learning within this landscape their role needs to shift from providers of knowledge
to designers of learning experiences.

Online Educa Berlin SIG lunches are an opportunity for people who are interested in the same topic to meet and discuss their chosen topic and to exchange experiences where appropriate. The SIG Lunches are organised in the overall context of providing more and better networking opportunities for participants at ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN. They are also intended to be somewhat informal.


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Yishay Mor
12:46am 27 November 2011

You will see a sign-up list for this SIG Lunch on the conference message board for you to indicate your interest in joining this table. Be quick - there are only 11 places!

And why not start the conversation now? Just leave a comment on this page.

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