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Activity: Who, what , where, when

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Rebecca Galley
1 December 2011

Below I have set up links to the tools  introduced in the Elluminate session. Have a play around with them and for each one consider:

1. Who is it useful for?

2. What level of expertise is required?

3. When in the process might it be used?

Design Scenario (optional)

As part of your institution's widening participantion strand, you have been asked to design an optional 'Study skills/ preparing to learn' module. This module will be offered to all students approaching level 1 HE/ level 4 FE and 'strongly recommended' to those who feel themselves to be less confident about study at a higher level.

 The module will be worth 10 credits (100 hours of study) and will be delivered over the summer break using a 'Blended Learning' approach.

 Design problems include: potentially high student numbers, minimal IT support, students at risk of not completing, mixed experience of learning and technology, low learning confidence/ resilience...etc etc

Compendiumld (nb you will need to download the software to use it)

Module/ Course Map (Excel template including blank template and example worksheet)

Pedagogy profile (Excel template - 3 worksheets)

Pedagogic features card sort (on Wallwisher)

Information literacy framework facilitation cards (pdf to be printed double-sided)

Let us know what you think!

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