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Web2.0 Technologies Lecture (video tool innovation)

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Chris Alexander
8 December 2011

Keywords: WEB2.0 Lecture, LAMS

Audience: Students of CALL/TEL

Delivery Mode: Fully online

Resources: recorded video lecture chunks, music

Outline of Activities:Video lecture chunks, Q/As, Forum, split screen group research activities, teacher video feedback videos, submission task

INNOVATION: Teacher feedback videos after student post-lecture chunk activities ie I have found that most students don't seem to like uploading videos however, getting the teacher to use the video tool to provide feedback on student work at different stages of the sequence attempts to emulate the classroom and may be more motivating for students as well.

The entire 67 minute presentation is also available here

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LAMS Sequence: Web2.0Technologies1
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Chris Alexander
13:51 on 8 December 2011 (Edited 14:10 on 8 December 2011)

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