Chantal Davies and Matthew Garrett, The Black, Minority, Ethnic Student Experience at a small Northern University

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John Rose-Adams
9 January 2012

To be presented at the Widening Participation Conference 2012 'Discourses of Inclusion in Higher Education', 24-25 April 2012

The Black, Minority, Ethnic Student Experience at a small Northern University: an examination of the experiences of minority ethnic students undertaking undergraduate study

Chantal Davies and Matthew Garrett

This paper presents findings from a research study exploring the experiences of BME students at a small Northern University. The acknowledged need for research in this area is particularly compelling in relation to the experience of ethnic minority students on a campus with a low proportion of BME staff and students such as the research site. The findings add to the emerging body of work in this area and assist in understanding the BME experience within the research institution and other HEIs. They will contribute to the evidential base for the development of institutional policy and strategy in this important area, with a particular focus on the learning experience and progression of BME students. In addition to various calls for further research in this area, the necessity for institutional research into the BME student experience is reinforced by the basic statutory requirements imposed by the public sector equality duty.

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