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Locating learning design research

Goodyear on learning design within Pasteur's quadrant

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Gráinne Conole
8 December 2008

Figure 1 - locating learning design research in Pasteur's quadrant

Pasteurs’ quadrant to often used to describe and understand the nature and

purpose of research

A 2D-framework can be used with Research as 'use inspired' y/n cf

'fundamental understanding' y/n

Within this framework Pasteur’s quadrant on the bottom right of the diagram is

about both use inspired but also towards fundamental understanding

Learning design sits within the same quadrant

1. In terms of fundamental understanding the focus of learning design research is:
Teachers’ design practices
Design qualities

2. In terms of use inspiration, the focus of learning design research is:

Improvement of education through improvement of ‘teaching as design’

through provision of better tools and methods

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