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Participating online in the 'Learn About' Fair

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Anna Page
9 January 2012

For more information about the 2012 fair, see


What you will need:

  • A PC/laptop which is connected to the internet
  • A pair of headphones with a microphone plugged into the PC/laptop

How to join the presentations:

The URL for the live streamed presentations will be posted here during February.  You can ask questions via or via Twitter using the hashtag #learnaboutatou

How to join in the Elluminate session:

  • Go to the Learn About Fair room
  • Join the meeting
  • Your computer will install Elluminate if it hasn't already got it installed and should load up the Learn About Fair session in Elluminate
  • Once you are in the Elluminate session, check that you have the audio set up correctly - use Tools, Audio, Audio setup wizard and run through the instructions
  • If you haven't used Elluminate before, please spend a little time getting familiar with where things are on screen (you may want to enter the session before the main event begins, just to look around). You may also find the Introduction to Elluminate screencast (available via the Technology Enhanced Learning Catalogue) will help you become familiar with Elluminate.
  • On TutorHome there is some guidance on using Elluminate: see 'Working Online' - 'Virtual learning environment tools' - 'Elluminate'
  • If you have difficulty getting into the pilot online Learn About Fair please contact Computing Support helpdesk +44 (0)1908 653972
  • When you get into the live event during the fair, you will find an introduction presentation in the main room, with various topic breakout rooms where you visit different presenters who can answer your questions.  We'll be allowing only 2 people to use the microphone at any one time, but the text chat facility will be working all the time for everyone, so you may find this is your best way to ask a question.  You will need to raise your hand if you want to use the microphone so a moderator can give you the microphone.
  • You will be able to move yourself to any of the breakout rooms by dragging your own name onto the breakout room.  If you want to leave a breakout room and go back to the main room, you drag your name into the space below the list of rooms.
  • You will also be able to look through any slides which are up on the whiteboard at your own pace.
  • We won't be using the video camera feature.
  • Online training for Moderator and Participant

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Graham Storey
5:58pm 10 February 2012

At the first online Learn About Fair I was kinda 'on duty' having been given the role of 'online usher' in Elluminate, helping users into the break out rooms.  So this one (FEB 2012) I will attend as a punter and hope to meet you there whether online or in the flesh.

All the best


Rebecca Galley
9:23am 29 February 2012

Yes me too - this is my 3rd year but the first one that I hope to have time to spend time visiting other stalls! (...but of course if anyone wants to come and talk learning design with me I'd be most happy to ;-))

Graham Storey
11:39am 29 February 2012

Sitting at computer for this LAF.   As an online participant the webcast topics interest me more than those in the Elluminate room but perhaps I can switch between the two quite easily.

Graham Storey
4:42pm 1 March 2012

How was it at the stalls, Rebecca? 

Access to all online areas was easy up until 13:30 when the webcast join link was withdrawn and Elluminate service had developed a problem of its own (as yet unknown to me).  Shame as all had been working well for a good hour or more so promising for future sessions.

Let us know your LAF experience - a lonely conversation  so far  :(

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