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Learning design research questions

Towards a shared research agenda

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Gráinne Conole
8 December 2008

Towards a research agenda for learning design research

  • What are the overarching goals?
  • What are we looking for?
  • How can we identify it?
  • How can it be re-produced?
  • How can we measure it?
  • To what extent can identification, production and measurement be automated
  • What are the opportunities and limitations/pitfalls of this area of research?

Potential actions

1. Work towards a shared ontology for the field and a shared set of definitions

2. Identify the inter-relationship between research areas and where they align and don’t

3. Need to try and formualte a set of research questions, such as:

  • What different design representations are there - what and whom are they for?
  • What are the effects of learning design, what differentce does it make to teacher practice
  • and to the learner experience?
  • What are the theories and different prespectives of design (their capacity and preferences)?
  • How are designs interpreted, validated and evaluated?
  • Better understanding of the process and issues around sharing and repurposing of designs?
  • We need to capture and analyse teachers' design practice?

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J. Michael Spector
12:48am 9 December 2008

Iwould very much like to see a conversational web repository for design cases. This could be

used to investigate how different people conceptualize the design space, differences in layers

and levels of designing and planning, explore detailed relationships that different teachers and

designers perceive to exist among various design processes, resources, layers, levels, etc.

Gráinne Conole
12:56am 9 December 2008

Absolutely Mike! This is partly what we are working towards. I believe the application

of web 2.0 approaches could be very powerful in terms of unlocking that design dialogue.

Chris Jones
3:00am 10 December 2008

In one of the other groups we discussed the potential and limitations associated with trying to develop clear definitions of some of the terms in this area - e.g. learning. We agreed that there is really no one common definition of this term and many others. Indeed we thought that definitions often obscure as well as illuminate and that the best we could hope for were working definitions used in ways that were clear about the underlying assumptions that the definition drew upon.

Gráinne Conole
4:00am 10 December 2008

OOooooh hornets nest comes to mind. I think one of the difficulties in trying to get

clarity and shared understanding in this area is knowing where the boundaries of what

we are talking about. I think there is a real danger of chasing our own tails. We have

to work up and develop definitions whilst also remaining pragmatic in terms of keeping

one eye on what we are trying to acheive.

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