Networked Learning Conference Hotseats 2012

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Will Pollard
16 January 2012

This cloud is to extend the previous cloudscape. I find things have moved on a bit with more acceptance of technology as in current social media. There is still proper interest in a hardback book costing around a hundred pounds but this is a rich mix.

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Will Pollard
12:12pm 16 January 2012

Sorry, have now found a cloud for 2012

but will leave this one anyway.

Will Pollard
11:05am 11 March 2012

The hotseat on Analytics looks interesting. I think this connects with quality ideas. It starts on Monday but there is already a link to video and slides. Cloudworks seems to accept quality as an aspect of learning theory. I think there could be interest in the "nightmare" scenario so I hope there will be some support for possible benefits as well.

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