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The Get Yourself Hired Test – FAQs

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Sally-Anne Barnes
26 January 2012

Why is BBC Lab UK doing the Get Yourself Hired Test?

A record 20% of young people are unemployed in the UK today and a recent YouGov poll showed that 64% of young people said finding a job was their biggest priority.

The BBC Lab UK Get Yourself Hired Test aims to gather data from young jobseekers throughout the United Kingdom. This will allow researchers to build a better picture of employment prospects for young people, and find out what makes a successful jobseeker.  You can find out more: About the Get Yourself Hired Test.

Who designed the Get Yourself Hired Test?

The experiment was designed by four academics: Professor Rachel Mulvey of the University of East London, Professor Ed Cairns of the University of Ulster, Professor Leo Hendry of the University of Aberdeen and Professor Marion Kloep of the University of Glamorgan.

Find out more about the origins of the test on the Get Yourself Hired credits page.

What happens to the data?

The results from BBC Lab UK tests and experiments are a valuable resource for science and education. In the future, BBC Lab UK may allow access to data by agreement for trusted scientists and academics, for academic and educational research purposes. In all cases, the data will be anonymous and contain no personally identifying information.

The findings of Lab UK experiments will also be published in peer reviewed journals. The BBC Lab UK ‘Results’ page will carry information about recent experiments.

Tests and measures used in the Get Yourself HIred Test

  • The Resilience Scale - Wagnild, G, 2009
  • The General Self-Efficacy Scale - Schwarzer, R and Jerusalem, M, 1995.
  • The Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory - Zimbardo, P, 2006.
  • The Multi-dimensional Work Ethic Profile - Miller, M and Woehr, D, 2001 (note: the Get Yourself Hired Test uses a shortened version of the original scale, adapted by Professors Leo Hendry and Marion Kloep).
  • The Inventory of the Dimensions of Emerging Adulthood - Reifman, A., Arnett, J.J., and Colwell, M.J, 2007).
  • The BBC Wellbeing Scale - Kinderman, P., Schwannauer, M., Pontin, E. and Tai, S, 2011.
  • The Transferable Employability Skills Scale - Mulvey, R, 2011*


*The TESS is a completely new scale which measures Transferable Employablity Skills. 

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