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Assessment and Curriculum Design: Social Sciences

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Graham Healing
17 February 2012

Where: Meeting room 4, Michael Young Building, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes

When: 10.00 - 12.15,  13 March 2012

This event was recorded and will be available to OU staff on Stadium towards the end of March. 


'iCMAs in teaching and learning': Jovan Byford / Nicola Brace:

Jovan/Nicola talked about using iCMAs as part of the assessment strategy on DSE141 Discovering Psychology. 

'Of Wildebeests and Lemmings. Lessons from migrating teaching platforms for DZX222': Volker Patent

Volker talked about the lessons learned about curriculum design in migrating from DZX222 First class to DZX222 VLE and explored both student learning and Module management.

DZX222 is the online version of the Exploring psychology project module and involves a Virtual Residential School conducted entirely online, using online forums for tutor support, group discussions, activities and project work. 

Peer review and assessment for learning: Jane Barrett

Jane talked about issues relating to peer review and assessment and explored how these pedagogical approaches can be applied to curriculum design in Social Sciences.


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