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IET Technology Coffee Mornings Schedule 2011

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Lynda Davies
27 February 2012

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06 April 2011 - Dr James Aczel & Dr Simon Cross  (IET)
The OpenEd Project

20 April 2011 - Professor John Naughton (MCT)
Seven things (plus or minus two) that you really need to know about the Net

04 May 2011 - Owen Stephens (Libaray)
Building the Open University web of Linked Data

18 May 2011 - Rhodri Thomas (LTQ, LIO)
Google Apps-where next? - Preparing for curriculum usage

01 June 2011 - Sue Allcock and James Alexander (Library)
A presentation on the work of the Access to Video Assets (AVA) Project

15 June 2011 - Dr Rebecca Ferguson (KMi)
SocialLearn Project

06 July 2011 - Dr Patrick McAndrew & Karen Cropper (IET)
Open Learning Network: the evidence of OER impact

13 July 2011 - Dr Helen Jelfs (University of Bristol)
Additional TCM:
Mapping the Deeper Learning Literature using Cohere

20 July 2011 - Dr Nick Freear & Richard Lovelock (IET)
Get CloudEngine - Cloudworks open-sourced

07 September 2011 - Professor Marian Petre (MCT)
Learning by Tinkering

14 September 2011 - Professor Sandra Wills (University of Wollongong)
Additional TCM:
 Enrolling academics in sharing teaching ideas: building a community of practice about online role

21 September 2011 - Dr Gill Clough
xDelia-Using serious games linked to physiological sensors to improve financial decision-making

05 October 2011 - Hassan Sheikh & Owen Smith (Library)
Meeting the needs of library users on the mobile web

19 October 2011 - Substitute TCM:  Dr Elizabeth FitzGerald (IET) 
Location-based learning: Education in the wild 

02 November 2011 - Dr Martin Smith, Anna Page, (IET), Rob Parsons, Clive Sexton(ARTS)
Evaluations of interactive eBooks and mobile learning on the iPad

16 November 2011 - Rhodri Thomas (LTQ, LIO)
Mobile Connections: Joining up OU provision for Mobile Learners

07 December 2011 - Dr Anne Adams (IET)
Lightbulb ‘discovery moments’ using multiple devices in the Wild

14 December 2011 - Dr Janet VanDerLinden (MCT)
Haptic Lotus - A different take on accessible technologies

OU YouTube: Please note that all future recordings will be uploaded onto the OU YouTube account as this makes for far better recordings and can be made available to either the OU internally or the WWW depending on the presenter’s choice.  These will be available on the TCM feedback clouds or you can access them via this link  shortly after the events. 

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