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IET TCM Event: Using Google Apps to Facilitate Dialectical Education

17 April 2012

Location: Jennie Lee Building Meeting Room 1 Ground Floor

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Lynda Davies
29 February 2012

Abstract: Last year I taught two modules as part of an MA programme in technology enhanced education. My pedagogical approach led students from personal experiences to abstract ideas through on-line and face-to-face discussions. In search for a technological platform which would support such an approach, I decided to try Google Apps - combining a course web site with a discussion list and shared documents. The rationale for this choice was the flexibility which was afforded by the platform, allowing me to shape it to my needs. Using this platform, I was able to provide my students with an intense and rewarding learning experience.

In this talk, I will share some experiences from this experiment and the insights and questions that they raise. We will also have room to discuss how tutors can adopt and transfer some of the elements to their own courses.

Slides from today's talk:

Presenter:  Dr Yishay Mor

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Using Google Apps to Facilitate Dialectical Education

Using Google Apps to Facilitate Dialectical Education

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Karen Cropper
2:50pm 19 April 2012

I enjoyed the talk but I found the text in hebrew on the slides meant they didn't mean very much.  Although Yishay described what they said they weren't very illustrative for me.  So I think more diagrams representing the elements described rather than screenshots of webpages would have been more engaging. Also translations of the findings for example of the groups experimental activities.

I was also thinking that there would be more focused listing of each of the Google apps and how they were used - an evaluation of the pros and cons of these tools and their potential.

Lynda Davies
3:12pm 19 April 2012

I found the talk very interesting and I was impressed with the high level of engagement Dr Mor achieved with his students.

Chris Valentine (IET

Elizabeth FitzGerald
3:38pm 20 April 2012

I would tend to agree with Karen about the language problems although I did find it rather refreshing to see the bullet points the opposite way round from usual! And yes, I also second Karen's point about listing pros and cons of the Google apps would be really useful - or maybe you are already writing these up into a paper? ;-)

Overall a really interesting presentation, many thanks Yishay. Always really nice to see practice-based research/projects and to hear what didn't work, as well as what did work.

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