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European Association of Research into Computer-Assisted Language Learning

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Gráinne Conole
9 December 2008

EUROCALL aims to provide a European focus for the promulgation of innovative research, development and practice relating to the use of technologies for language learning. There is also an associated annual conference.

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Graham Davies
10:24am 24 July 2010

I just joined Cloudworks. EUROCALL has five Special Interest Groups (SIGs):

- Computer Mediated Communication (CMC)
- CorpusCALL - on Corpus Linguistics Concordancing
- Natural Language Processing
- Virtual Worlds
- Teacher Education

I manage the SIG on Virtual Worlds in partnership with our sister association, CALICO, in the USA. You can find out more about the VW SIG in our Ning at:

This will also give you the SLURL of our joint HQ in Second Life. Visit us sometime!

Graham Davies

Graham Davies
9:48am 25 July 2010

The EUROCALL 2010 conference will take place at the University of Bordeaux, France, 8-11 September:

Gráinne Conole
10:30am 25 July 2010

Hi Graham long time no see! Nice to see you in here and to have stuff on EUROCALL. By the way you can set up a Cloudscape for conferences and add the dates, it then appears automatically on the events list

Graham Davies
10:53am 25 July 2010

Hi, Gráinne! We last met at EUROCALL 2007 in Ulster - great conference.

I'm slowly finding my way around Cloudworks. I've set up a Cloudscape for Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) and added a few Clouds to it. I have also added links to the Cloudscape on Language Teaching. I'll add the EUROCALL 2010 conference to the CALL Cloudscape.

After the fiasco with Ning now charging for its services, I am looking around for other networking possibilities, and Cloudworks may do the job. For the moment, I have just coughed up the fee. Let's see how it goes and review the situation next year.

Graham Davies
11:04am 25 July 2010

Actually, it makes more sense to set up a new Cloudscape for EUROCALL 2010 - which I have just done.

Gráinne Conole
11:34am 25 July 2010

Hi Graham yep I remember! Good conference and yes setting up a cloudscape is the way to go, then others can add clouds related to the conference. Give us a shout if you want more of a chat about what cloudworks can do. It does seem to provide a unique and distinctive form of social networking and our intention is definitely to remain free and open as a service to the educational community. Send me your email if you'd like me to send you some papers on work to date on the site. 

Graham Davies
11:56am 25 July 2010

Thanks, Gráinne! I'm slowly getting there. I've watched your Slideshare presentation, which tells me most of what I need to know. The Support section and the FAQs are also very helpful. I've emailed you direct.

Gráinne Conole
12:13pm 25 July 2010

OK great - the trick with Cloudworks, as with any technology, is being clear about what you want to use it for and giving clear instructions. Just as with discussion forums you can have good and bad use depending on how it is set up and who is using it and why. We have seen Cloudworks being used for 8 types of activities:

  • events - conferences, workshops, seminars
  • debates
  • resource aggregation
  • courses
  • reading circles
  • discussions on learning and teaching and learning designs
  • open reviews - research lit reviews done openly
  • expert elicitation and consultation

Graham Davies
12:19pm 25 July 2010

Thanks, Gráinne! That fits in with many of my interests and activities.

Graham Davies
1:02pm 21 September 2010

The EUROCALL 2010 blog is still going strong at

I have kept the CoveritLive window of Day 4 open so that it continues to pick up the tweets from Twitter - see here:

The EUROCALL 2010 Flickr account is filling up with participants' pictures and videos - see here:

Richard Pinner has made an excellent short video of EUROCALL 2010 and uploaded it to YouTube:

The slideshow of my keynote is available on my personal website. I have made a few modifications so that it jumps to the Web links I cited and the YouTube videos I showed:

I think that the Virtual Strand worked really well this year. Peppi Taalas, Mirjam Hauck and I managed to keep it on the boil throughout the conference, but special thanks are due to Lesley Graham and the group of EUROCALL 2010 twitterati who provided us with running commentaries.

Videos and photos:

Carmen Castro-Mortara
9:17pm 23 September 2010

Hi Graham and Grainne,

Great to be part of Cloudworks! I just registered and I am trying to find my way around it. I am excited to find a section on Language Teaching. Although I was not able to be physically in Bordeoux I was following it via the web.

Great job Grainne and I will pass the word in the UK and in Peru my homeland.


Carmen Castro-Mortara

Gráinne Conole
7:13am 24 September 2010

Great! So glad you are enjoying it and finding it useful - lots in here and a good worldwide community!



Graham Davies
9:00am 24 September 2010

Nice to see you here Carmen! Do follow up the links that I posted above and keep an eye on the ICT4LT site at I make regular announcements about events and new developments in CALL at the ICT4LT site and in its associated blog.

alex boulton
7:01am 29 September 2010

Dear all

Sorry to but in on a different topic... The CorpusCALL SIG from Eurocall is exploring possibilities for hosting a new site, and Cloudworks was one suggestion. I'm not familiar with it, it seems to be fairly ephemeral (such is the nature of clouds) with info about forthcoming events, discussions, etc., but not so much in the way of larger, stable sub-sites. Then again, like Carmen, I'm still feeling my way around.

Any thoughts welcome.


PS I enjoyed Bordeaux too!

Graham Davies
11:25am 29 September 2010

Hi, Alex! The Bordeaux conference was great, wasn't it? Four of the other EUROCALL SIGs are using Nings:

Virtual Worlds (managed jointly with CALICO by myself and Randall Sadler)

Teacher Education

Computer Mediated Communication

Natural Language Processing:

When Ning began charging for its services ($19.95 per year for up to 150 members) we considered emigrating to Cloudworks, but it looked like being a huge job moving all the resources, and there are certain things that can be done more easily in a Ning. So we coughed up the $19.95 and stayed with Ning.

The IATEFL SIG for Learning Technologies moved over to Grouply:

I think Cloudworks can be effective if people use it in the right way, i.e. by linking lots of Clouds and Cloudscapes - which I have started to do for CALL, and by including lots of links to other sites. However, if you want access to a large bank of permanent resources then I find a that website linked to a blog is easier to handle. The ICT4LT site, which I manage, is a large bank of information on CALL. It has its own site, for which I pay a modest £25 per year - recouped many times over through a small number of advertisements placed at the site. There is also a linked blog at Blogger:

ICT4LT website:
ICT4LT blog:

Module 2.4 focuses on classroom concordancing:

Module 3.2 focuses on corpus linguistics:

Both modules need some updating. Contributions welcomed!

The  ICT4LT site receives an average of over 1000 visits per day. The breakdown of page downloads is here:


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