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Ian Grose
6 April 2012

Hi can any one tell me why I get the following message every time I attempt to use this site?

Your comment is being moderated

Apologies, your post is being moderated. This is likely to be a one-off occurrence and should usually only affect new users to the site. From time to time, the filter will mistakenly identify a message as spam and put it forward for moderation. During working hours we will quickly pick these up, check and clear them - although this might take longer at the weekends or in the evenings (BST).

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Guy Cowley
9:23am 12 April 2012

Hi Ian - what are we discussing about H800 here?

Ian Grose
10:07am 12 April 2012

Hi all new to the media

  Having created a 'cloud' I note that it has had 13 views but no contributions as yet.  Is this the norm?

Re the H800 module I am wondering if any one else is finding the release of study materials a bit prescriptive.  Personally I prefer everything up front in order to better manage my time and get ahead, thus allowing a bit of slack to cater for life's little injects.

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