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Is assessing online participation the only way of encouraging it?

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Keely Laycock
8 April 2012

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Here are some thoughts we put together on this question a few years ago

O'Reilly, M & Newton, D 2001 'Why interact online if it's not assessed?' in Academic Exchange Quarterly, Winter 2001, Vol 5 Issue 4, pp. 70–76

The article can be downloaded from

Hope this is useful.


Meg O'Reilly
01:06 on 16 July 2012

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Keely Laycock
3:24pm 9 April 2012 (Edited 3:29pm 9 April 2012)

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Guy Cowley
8:29am 12 April 2012

Keely -

Good question! With children we know that sweets or TV time work as an incentive. We are not children but most are "time poor".  Hence we need an incentive to use our time for this purpose, which means convincing people that forums are a vital part of the learning. Certainly with the cumulative and diverse experience on H800 they have the potential to be.

Second thought is that people prefer passive learning i.e. reading posts, to active contribution - not very democratic.  Perhaps contribution does not need to be assessed but a hurdle level needs to be set.  TMA might require a minimum level of posting  but without assessing it.  Risks reducing the value of contributions but I think if people are required to commit time they would not then waste it.

Christine Gardner
10:49am 13 April 2012

My view is that if the discussion is seen as relevant, then people participate anyway, whether assessed or not.

Chris (just testing to see if this comment appears!)

Keely Laycock
8:05am 16 April 2012

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