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Richard Windle (Nottingham) - The Health of OER Reuse; The Reuse of Health OER

16 April 2012

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Robert Farrow
17 April 2012

Teachers are not so much interested in creating materials for Reuse as creating materials that will be useful for their purposes.  They design materials which are aimed at their students.

Survey on Reuse as part of SCORE fellowship:  some results


  • Biggest group of reusers was students in FE/HE
  • Second biggest was lecturers in FE/HE
  • Health practicioners were the third largest group
  • Used for networking, school teaching, and random interest
  • Discovered through web search, followed by course and personal recommendation
  • Many resources seemed to be within password protected sites
  • Most people used the resources in question on a one-time basis
  • 99% reported not making any adaptations to these materials, but - 
  • Roughly half said that they had adapted OER at some point


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