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E and M learning to support Studio based learning in Art and Design

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Lucy Renton
25 April 2012

a long title for this cloud! I'd be really glad for any resources the community can share with me, particularly case studies/action research in the field of using mobiles and iPads etc in the studio to enhance learning.

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Lucy Renton
5:04pm 25 April 2012

I was discussing the recent experience of a photographer friend who was asked to take some pictures of  students having a crit in our of our studios to illustrate a lecture for a colleague. If used for the purposes of photo-elicitation ( not originally intended) they might engender a discussion on how to make the experience more active for the majority of the student audience. I wondered if a back channel twitter feed might encourage more students to contribute to the discussion, Has anyone tried this, or know of any studies that have? I've found quite a few on the IADIS conference site , but I'm really looking for things that are pertinent to Art and Design. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.


Lucy Renton
5:04pm 25 April 2012 (Edited 5:05pm 25 April 2012)


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