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Finding Your Story

Led by Dorothy Faulkner and Verina Waights

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Brian Plüss
23 May 2012

Have you just started writing up your thesis? Are you:    

  • Struggling to understand that a thesis is a claim or defense – not just a collection of work you have done or a way of proving existing beliefs.
  • Finding it a challenge  to articulate a position on ‘the literature’ or locate  the work you are doing within it
  • Grappling with developing a theory or a model which allows your findings to be used, or applied to other cases

In this interactive session they will explore and share techniques that can help you address some of these challenges.

Dr Dorothy Faulkner and Dr Verina Waights are senior lecturers and experienced PhD Supervisors at the OU and have supervised many students over the years.

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