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Getting published in the humanities and social sciences

Led by Josie Dixon

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Brian Plüss
23 May 2012

In this session we will discuss:

  • Understanding the market for scholarly publications
  • Challenges for academic publishing and for academic authors
  • How market conditions affect commissioning editors’ priorities
  • What a first-time author can do to maximise the chances of success in a competitive climate

Josie Dixon has considerable experience of academic publishing and has worked as Publishing Director for the Academic Division at Palgrave Macmillan and before that spent 11 years in commissioning and managerial roles at Cambridge University Press.

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Related resources:

  1. Publish or perish! GRADBritain, Summer 2009, pp.4-5.
  2. Josie Dixon's Lucian Consulting articles page, with links to several other relevant reseources, including a series of blogposts written for a website called PhD2Published.

Brian Plüss
08:58 on 24 May 2012

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