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Supporting integration through incidental learning

Presentation by Andrew Brasher at the CALRG 2012 conference.

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Rebecca Ferguson
19 June 2012

The Maseltov project (“Mobile Assistance for Social Inclusion and Empowerment of Immigrants with Persuasive Learning Technologies and Social Network Services”, ) recognises major risks for social exclusion of immigrants and identifies the potential of mobile services for promoting integration and cultural diversity in Europe.

The project intends to exploit the potential of mobile services for promoting integration and cultural diversity in Europe, and is focusing on support for immigrants with particular needs,  e.g. those who have not learned foreign languages, and who have a cultural background that  contrasts with  that of their host country.

We will present the first iteration of an incidental learning framework developed within the Maseltov project.  This framework is intended to facilitate the coordination of existing  technologies, content, pedagogies, processes and  practices into learning services that can  be used effectively by immigrants, their networks and mentors,  so as to increase immigrants’ ability to function in an unfamiliar society.  When fully developed, the framework is intended to support the design of learning experiences which show:

(i) how incremental, opportunistic, social and game-based learning can  be applied to immigrants problems; (ii) which content areas can be offered and combined (from among language, culture, information access, mobility, health care, etc.); and (iii) which technologies are best suited for each type of content and interaction.

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