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IET TCM Event: Novice interaction designers' behaviour in different cultures

18 September 2012

Location: Jennie Lee Building Main Ambient Lab Ground Floor

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Lynda Davies
16 July 2012

Abstract:  Designing interactive products for different cultures is challenging. The need to design products for the target end user group is well-understood in HCI and Interaction Design, and it is clear that cultural factors influence not just the design of the product itself but also the definition of usability and the process of design. The UNITE project, funded by the Leverhulme Trust, is a partnership between The Open University and Botho College in Botswana. The project is investigating novice interaction design behaviour in two cohorts of students studying the same Interaction Design module, one in the UK and one in Botswana. We aim to identify simple behaviours that can be taught to novice interaction designers from both cultural settings to improve their designs, and to identify socio-cultural factors affecting the process and product of design. Our findings will be captured in a form suitable for communication and dissemination to educators and policy makers in Botswana and the UK.

In the presentation, we will discuss the rationale for the project and outline some preliminary results. We welcome feedback on our progress and seek opportunities for further dissemination.

Presenter:  Dr Mark Woodroffe and Professor Helen Sharp (MCT)

Location:  Jennie Lee Building Main Ambient Lab Ground Floor

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Lynda Davies
7:49am 24 September 2012 (Edited 7:53am 24 September 2012)

It was a really good talk and a very well planned and thought-provoking presentation.



Shailey Minocha (MCT

Lynda Davies
10:28am 18 October 2012

I thought this was a well-presented and thought-provoking session, so much so that I am arranging for a follow-up with my own subject group. The research has many challenging aspects to it - for conceptualising and doing research into learning processes, and for the possible implications for teaching, including aspects that are debated in other fields. So it was good to have a session that questions things we may take for granted. Thanks to both presenters.


Professor of Development Policy and Practice

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