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01 Opening plenary (OLDS-MOOC Design Workshop)

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Rebecca Galley
24 July 2012

Welcome to the OLDS-MOOC Design Workshop

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Live blog from the workshop: Yishay just kicking off with updating us all with OLDSMOOC project (consortium agreement and funding arangements extra).

He says we already have 600 people who have expressed an interest and that's before we even have a website! Wow! And 40+ respondants to the MOOC survey so far which ain't bad.

He's just running through the social networks we have set up and that might be used in the MOOC itself - 

Twitter                @oldsmooc (#oldsmooc)

Google +           OLDSMOOC #oldsmooc

Slideshare       OLDSMOOC

YouTube           OLDSMOOC            OLDSMOOC

Now going through project risks: 


  • Partner drop-out
  • Competing commitments (facilitators/ participants)
  • To few participants
  • To many participants (5000+)
  • Sloppy learning design


Any others?

Diana Laurillard questioned why 5000+ too many. She suggested that we could design for more - not a technical issue but a design issue. Yishay agreed and said that we should consider that in the workshop today.

Grainne Conole agreed and emphasised the importance of effective learning design (for this  curriculum/learning design MOOC). At least we can be sure we have the design right team...!

Rebecca Galley
09:19 on 25 July 2012 (Edited 09:39 on 25 July 2012)

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