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E-learning watch August 2012

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Gráinne Conole
1 August 2012

winter in this neck of the woods is not too bad so far. Plenty of time to till the sod and plant some veggies whilst contemplating the state of elearning..not. 
However, onto the arguably more interesting things. There appears to be a lot more 'stuff'' flying around related to learning analytics, a fast growing area of research and practice it seems. So this edition contains several links to the same so you can get up to date and into it!There certainly appears to be some benefits. I liked Melanie Booth's article, common sense prevails?
Bring your own Device (BYOD) is another fast growing area for discussion and  in my opinion definite implementation across all educational organisations!
This is one area where clouding the issue is beneficial:-)
Have to give a plug for ascilite and ALT-C conferences. You have to be there, so get to the registration and look forward to some great presentations and networking.
For New Zealand colleagues who can't make ALT-C, don't forget as well as ascilite there is the 5th Annual Shar-e-fest Conference in Hamilton on 1st and 2nd October. It has developed into a really vibrant community of practice where the experienced practitioners help the newbies and the newbies surprise us  all with their innovative approaches. Registration will be  open in early August.
Also in this posting is a link to a free ebook on edtech resources, some new and updated JISC publications, ipads in education,BYOD, learning analytics,emerging technology predictions and a range of articles on technology, authentic assessment, drama in ESL, effective assessment, interactive techniques, Conferences and the odd one out.
September dawn is not far away 
1.A list of the most popular articles from Edudemic. There has to be at least one here that will vibrate the neurons into action. I had a look at a few. The ultimate guide to emerging technologies is quite fascinating and maybe a lot of the predictions are right? 100 best twitter tools and 118 videos explaining each element in the periodic table will keep you engaged for hours.
2. EmergingEdTech’s 2012 Free Education Technology Resources eBook
You will need to register to get this free e-book. It's worthwhile. Lots of resources and suggestions.
While you are on the Website , have a look at: Study Finds Benefits In Use of iPad As Educational Tool
3. The innovative Educator Blog. I found this blog by chance and have found some very interesting articles and resources. It's worth exploring. There's some thought provoking stuff on BYOD and the link below will hopefully make you think. Look around whilst you are on the Website
4. The Teaching Effectiveness Programme from the University of Oregon. The section on Effective Assessment has a lot of useful information which could inform your practice and maybe support some of the things you are doing already. Check through some of the other tabs to find other useful resources.
5.Learning Analytics: This is a relatively new area of exploration and use in education and is attracting a lot of interest and research. So I have included a number of links which provide a framework and some questions.
From the Knowledge Media Institute in the UK:The State of Learning Analytics in 2012: A Review and Future Challenges. March 2012
if you are still interested, have a look at George Siemens slide presentation from his Educause online session
Learning Analytics: The New Black
by Melanie Booth
6. Drama in the ESL classroom provides a lot of suggestions and ideas on using drama for ESL. All material is downloadable and free. Chase the tabs at the top of the main page to find extensive links to a wide range o resources.
7. Interactive Techniques from the  University of Central Florida
This is a long list of tips on interactive techniques aimed as assessing whether students have mastered material and concepts. There are a lot to choose from and each has a short description of how it might be used.
8.Park University: Faculty resources quick tips on authentic assessment. A useful overview and guide to incorporating authentic assessment in your courses.
9.JISC have  just launched a new set of publications.
The JISC e-Learning Programme team has released five new publications on the themes of:
Lifelong learning 
e-portfolio implementation 
Innovation in further education
Digital literacies 
Extending the learning environment 
There are some additional resources online for some of the publications.
Plenty of useful material to digest by the roaring fire  (here), in the rain elsewhere :-)
10. Bring your own device (BYOD) is gaining momentum. This article might be more for the techies, but it is a useful overview and explanation of some of the issues around BYOD.
and maybe of interest
11, Conferences
11.1 ALT-C 2012:  'A confrontation with reality' 
Online registration open until 17 August 2012
The 19th international conference of the Association for Learning Technology will be held at the University of Manchester, UK, 11-13 September 2012.
For more information go to
Register at 
11.2 Innovating e-Learning 2012: Online Conference
The seventh in the popular series of JISC online conferences takes place in November 2012.
The title of the 2012 conference, Shaping the future, reflects the changing educational environment and addresses the challenges that institutions and practitioners are facing. The conference will focus on some of the innovative solutions being developed to: engage students and stakeholders; enhance learning, assessment and feedback; develop digital literacies and employment potential; improve and sustain organisational efficiency; facilitate openness and sharing; and manage organisational transformation.
Pre-conference activity week: Tuesday 13 - Sunday 18 November
Main conference sessions: Monday 19 - Friday 23 November
The conference will take place online using both live and asynchronous sessions.
The conference site will remain open - for reading only - until the end of December 2012.
More information about this year's themes and programme will be released in the near future.
11.3 ascilite 2012: Future Challenges, Sustainable futures
Dates are 25th to 28th November, Wellington New Zealand
Registration is now OPEN. Get in quick and for Earlly Bird prices and to make sure you get ccommodation, as the premiere of the Hobbitt is at the same time! 
12. Other New Zealand events
NZ Sharefest 2012 and regional elearning in practice symposia will take place from 1 - 5th October 2012. The actual NZ Sharefest event will be in Hamilton on 1st and 2nd October.
We are delighted that Professor Diana Laurillard has accepted an invitation to give a presentation  and discussion session on her latest book, 'Teaching as a Design Science:Building Pedagogical Patterns for Learning and Technology'  This will be via a live video link.
 Dr Geoff Mitchell is  the main keynote speaker for the Shar-e-fest and regional symposia. Geoff has an international reputation as an excellent educator, keynote presenter and researcher.  He is the Director of the Integrated Help Services Department in the Technology, Information and Learning Support Division at Queensland University of Technology in Melbourne
The second call for submissions has just been released. See the Website for information on how to submit a proposal to present.
Registration will open in early August
More details will be posted on the Sharefest site as they come to hand
Just make sure you put the date in your diary with a commitment to attend this not to be missed event on the  NZ calendar. 
13. The odd one out: Succeeding with Science: The Children's Olympics
Very topical and really for the kids, big and small :-) Lot's of fun and some learning is bound to occur.
 if you have enough of that one, peruse this one: Olympic Heroes. Very educational and different.
That's it until next time
 Richard Elliott
 The Eternal Macademic
 New Zealand

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