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Addressing assessment of media-rich artefacts

9 October 2012

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Lynda Davies
28 August 2012

Presenters: Soraya Kouadri and Judith Williams (MCT)

Date: 10 October 2012

Location: Library Seminar Rooms 1 & 2

This event will be recorded -Stadium link TBA

Presentation:  This event will provide opportunities to engage with this challenge, and talk through what we can expect and how to ensure that this works well for all participants. There will be time to compare notes and discuss what solutions might work best, or are working best with a strong emphasis on discussion rather than presentation. Here are some of the questions that we expect to engage with:

  • How can we make sure that assessment based on students producing and reviewing multimedia do does not disadvantage disabled students?
  • What level of Assessment Literacy does this require from students and how can we support development of this?
  • How can we get sufficiently representative work from students including what can be complex media items and discussion on into the OU assessment system (technically and operationally)?
  • What are the implications and expectations here on tutors when marking this work? E.g. what do they need to access and what not?
  • Students may wish to embed or draw in media artefacts which they have placed outside the OU walled garden. How to accommodate this?
  • What proportion of the assessment should be based on the artefact itself?
  • Using OpenDesignStudio for commenting on artefacts in more open ways  - what have more experienced users learned from this? How are students reacting to sharing their work for assessment like this?
  • What assurances and processes (date stamps, etc) do they need for this to be rigorous in terms of the OU exams systems?

Members of module teams TU100 (Elaine Thomas), U101 (Derek Jones and Georgy Holden, H818 (Chris Pegler and Martin Weller) and H817 (Denise Whitelock and Martin Weller) will prime the discussion by sharing their experiences and decisions. These are module team members who already use or are working towards using assessment of multimedia and can offer a deep level of insight into the issues to be addressed.  Judith Williams and Soroya Kouadri will also share the framework that they are developing to support assessment of non-text artefacts.  

If you are planning to attend in person: please email  The event (10-12) will be recorded and available on Stadium ( as a replay. This includes if you are only able to make it to the networking break and cake.

Queries: Please email

  And note that I got it wrong, its 6 year cake!

Six Year on cake: To celebrate the first five years of the eLC (established: October 2006).

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