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Track OER - status, 29 August: looking back, looking forward..

Last week was very busy, so here are the highlights...

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Nick Freear
29 August 2012

We prepared for the first round of testing, with LTS Technical Testing team at The Open University. This involved writing an initial test script. And, significantly we relied on the CaPReT evaluation server, which does not have guaranteed up-time or support. So, we took a copy of the CaPReT Javascripts, and extended them to work with Piwik (capret-piwik.js).

Testing proceeded on schedule last week, and the results are online.

We also worked to separate the 'AlternateImage' Piwik plugin in to it's own project repository, and added two more Piwik plugins - 'ExternalLink' (a utility), and 'ContentReuse'. The growing list of outputs is in the register.

Finally, I finished the command line batch processor. This is our initial solution to add license-tracker code into the HTML pages in the various Zip archives that can be downloaded from LabSpace. We are looking at XSLT solutions going forward, but this has enabled us to proceed with the second round of testing this week.

This week and next I'll be working on improving the Google Analytics Javascript to work on work on a local machine (the "file://" protocol). And looking at no-Javascript Google Analytics..

Last week:

  • 20 August, trackoer-ga.js
  • 20,23,24,28 August, initial command line/CLI controller/ batch processor,
  • 21 August, setting up technical testing round 1,
  • 21 August, adding CaPReT test view(s) to trackoer-core based on LabSpace,
  • 21-22 August, capret-piwik.js
  • 23 August, Piwik 'ExternalLink' utility plugin
  • 24 August, separated Piwik plugins (now three) into separate Git repos. - set up .gitmodules/ sub-modules (git clone --recursive..)
  • 24-26 (Tuesday 28) August, Oercommons_serv
  • 28 August gajs.js

Looking forward:

  • Google Analytics solution for use on local machine ("file://" protocol) - looking at gajs.js - Remy Sharp,
  • Google Analytics no-Javascript solution,
  • Build script for CaPReT-Piwik Javascripts etc.
  • Bug fixes from weeks 1 and 2 of testing,
  • Prepare for 3rd round of testing, week of 17 September,
  • Complete OER Commons functionality.

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