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30 August 2012

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  • Succeed with Math will help you review key math concepts, and then apply these concepts to real world applications. Units available include: Math and You, Getting Down to the Basics, Numbers Everywhere, Parts of the Whole, Relationships Among Numbers, Exploring Patterns and Formulas, Investigating Geometric Shapes and Sizes, and Communicating with Data, Charts and Graphs.

  • Time: 80 hours
    Level: Introductory
  • Self-Reflection Questionnaire
  • Unit 1

  • Welcome to Succeed with Math! Course content
  • Unit 2

  • Getting Down to the Basics Part 1 Course content
  • Getting Down to the Basics Part 2 Course content
  • Unit 3

  • Numbers Everywhere Course content
  • Unit 4

  • Parts of the Whole Part 1 Course content
  • Parts of the Whole Part 2 Course content
  • Unit 5

  • Relationships Among Numbers Course content
  • Unit 6

  • Exploring Patterns and Formulas Course content
  • Unit 7

  • Investigating Geometric Shapes and Sizes Course content
  • Unit 8

  • Communicating with Data, Charts, and Graphs Course content
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