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Week-end status, 7 Sep campaign tracking.. - Track OER

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Nick Freear
7 September 2012

Last Friday I had a very productive discussion with Tony Hirst ( I ran through some of my research into Javascript versus no-Javascript web beacons (web-bugs). As ever, it was useful to get some objective criticism and validation from a fellow techie!

And Tony re-iterated a comment he made on the Project blog on Cloudworks - we should really look at campaign tracking. After our discussions I recognised the significance of this as part of a multi-pronged solution to tracking content re-use. So I got busy and baked something into the command line (CLI) batch processing code.

The aim should be add the campaign tracking parameters at least into all the external links back to the 'source' server and My thinking is that if we can share naming conventions for the parameters, and analytics data with Creative Commons then we would all benefit.

Here is an example link with campaign tracking parameters for Google Analytics (utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign..),!Learning_to_Learn_1.0&utm_medium=online!attr-link&utm_campaign=toer1

And, here is the Google Analytics URL builder tool, and additional notes and discussion in a proposed specification.

Apart from the attempted fixes for the CaPReT Javascripts discussed here (and JSLint fixes), the main activity over the past week has been implementing the Creative Commons API in the Track OER application. This is basically complete, apart from bug fixing. It brings the following substantial benefits:

  • Correct terminology and language used for the various Creative Commons Licenses,
  • License coverage,
  • Convergence between the command line (CLI)/ batch template processor and the Web/oEmbed online interface,
  • Support for different jurisdictions,
  • Localization.

Here is a French language snippet, with Google Analytics Javascript tracking, and UK jurisdiction, - link not yet fully operational (server update required!)

I found Creative Common's REST API straightforward to work with, and the RDF/XML data returned is very useable.

I'm looking forward to the OERRI challenges webinar hosted by CETIS this morning.

Over and out.

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