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SAFeSEA Project
19 September 2012

SAFeSEA (Supportive Automated Feedback for Short Essay Answers) is a new EPSRC-funded research project in the Institute of Educational Technology at the UK’s Open University.

The aim of this project is to provide an effective automated interactive feedback system that yields an acceptable level of support for university students writing essays in a distance or e-learning context.

The project will explore the development of natural language processing tools for essay summarising, the definition of effective models of feedback and the design of web-based wrappers to orchestrate the tools and evaluate different supportive approaches.

Higher education institutes across the UK and around the world will benefit either by adopting and further developing the technologies developed within this project or by utilising the research results to inform their own feedback procedures for work carried out online.

Additionally, the research communities for technology-enhanced learning, feedback and e-learning will be able to reuse the results for crafting bespoke feedback systems and utilising the resulting software.

Perhaps most importantly, students in higher education can benefit from the research, as will students in secondary schools in the future.

The project team is led by Dr. Denise Whitelock, and includes Professor John T. E. Richardson, Dr. Nicolas Van Labeke, Bethany Alden (all from IET), Dr. Stuart Watts (Information Balance), Professor Stephen Pulman and Dr. Debora Field (both from Oxford University).

For correspondence:, Project Co-ordinator

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