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Mick Deal
27 September 2012

Bridge to success (B2S)

Learning occurs in formal and informal settings yet we seldom focus or take the time to think about learning.  Bridge to Success is a set of resources that you can use to discover how you learn and why it is important for you to be a life long learner.  It will provide an opportunity for you to identify your strengths and skills as a learner and think about ways to use those skills to accomplish personal, professional and academic goals.

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Time: 100 hours
Level: Introductory

Rating: 3.5 stars.
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Welcome to Learning to Learn! By accessing this course you have just taken a major
step toward helping you develop your study skills. Congratulations! Your first task is to
read the course overview and complete the self-reflection ...
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Time: 80 hours
Level: Introductory

Rating: 4.5 stars.
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Succeed with Math will help you review key math concepts, and then apply these
concepts to real world applications. Units available include: Math and You, Getting Down to
the Basics, Numbers Everywhere, Parts of the Whole, ...
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