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MOOC design ideas and questions board

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Rebecca Galley
2 October 2012

If you have any questions or ideas about the design of the OLDS-MOOC post them here :-)

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Rebecca Galley
4:04pm 2 October 2012

I had a catch-up with Juliette Culver (lead Cloudworks developer) yesterday to talk about how we might support badging through the OLDS-MOOC. She has been working on enabling Mozilla badging in Cloudworks (Mozilla Badges/FAQs) and it’s really starting to come together. Very exciting :-)

Screen shot of the create a badge page on the Cloudworks development server

 At the moment we think Cloudworks will support two kinds of badge:

o        One that is more suited to product outcomes/ criteria where ‘verifiers’ are identified (‘verifiers’ in the loosest sense – badges will be basically self awarded and all the verifiers will do is check that a document has been successfully linked to). An example of this type of badge might be where to award yourself a week 3 ‘Ideate’ you might have to link to 3 examples of where you have used representations to collectively brainstorm and conceptualise your design. The verifiers would just check that the examples had been successfully linked to.

o        The second badge type would be more suited to process outcomes and supports crowdsourced feedback on learning activity. For example for a ‘Learning Design practitioners’ type badge you might need to capture and link to feedback from 3-5 other people on your design practice (sharing, collaborating, giving feedback etc) and once you have done that your badge can be awarded.

We haven't yet worked out how badges will be worked into the MOOC design but we won’t be going for anything very complex, and badges will be completely optional for MOOC participants. From a project perspective we are just interested in finding out whether awarding badges positively impacts on the experience of MOOCers. For example whether the badges give added focus, or impact on the way people engage in activities and project groups - this seems like a good opportunity to try it out. We also think that given that participants in this MOOC are all educators, participants will find the process of badging an interesting experience to be part of!  What do you think about badging? Any experiences you think we should know about?!!

Joshua Underwood
3:38pm 2 November 2012

Not about badging but something I started thinking about as a result of thinking about badges.

So, I was thinking if I got a badge for some skill I valued I'd likely want to stick that somewhere prominent on my LinkedIn profile (because I haven't used badges I don't really know whether that is workable). But that got me thinking howabout part of the course being trying to get people to endorse you (as a participant) for demonstrating the skills the course is aiming to teach?

So, say I put Contextual Design down as a skill in LinkedIn and then solicited 'endorsements' from other participants/tutors on the grounds of my comments/products during week 2?

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