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OER and Alternative Certification Models: Blurring Boundaries Between Formal and Informal Learning (Cynthia Jimes, Clare Middleton-Detzner)

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Robert Farrow
16 October 2012

Through the advent of OER and open access, the education arena is witnessing the rise of new models for supporting and recognizing learning for students and lifelong learners alike. From Open High School Utah, to P2PU, to MITx, to the numerous open badge systems under development—these models are blurring the boundaries between formal and informal learning, and making inroads into traditional pathways for certifying learning. This session will present an analysis of the historical trajectory of these alternative certification models—in terms of where they have been, where they are headed, and their impact (current and future) on formal education as an institution. The session will close with a facilitated discussion of the potential of these new models for supporting learning in innovative ways.

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