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Share Everywhere: A multi-project collaboration to make it easy to create and share content with legs (Katherine Fletcher, Marvin Reimer)

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Robert Farrow
16 October 2012

The OERPub team is making it easy to create and edit OER and expanding the options for publishing and sharing content. Last year we created an importer that takes content from Word, Google Docs, and blogs and makes it remixable by unifying the formats. We then used simple software hooks to publish the content to repositories like Connexions.

This year are adding an easy-to-use, open source document editor so that authors can create content from scratch or edit the content they imported. We are incorporating research-driven principles so that authors used to Word and Google Docs can still create beautiful remixable content. Rather than asking authors to learn complicated markup, we are using authors’ natural actions to provide just-in-time semantic choices and convenient templates for editing.  

We are expanding the options for sharing OER (while still keeping it remixable) by making it possible to publish to institutional repositories like DSpace as well as other projects that provide structured publishing like Connexions, Siyavula, Booktype and Open University. The underlying editor is built collaboratively and intended for use by many projects.

In this presentation we will unveil our new collaboratively created open-source editor for OER and show how it can be used to create, edit, and publish content to OER libraries. We will highlight the research principles that were used to guide the editing experience and also show how other projects have participated with us and how new projects can get involved and incorporate the editor and adapt it for their content. The talk will be mostly non-technical focusing on the how and why, with pointers to the technical meat for reference.

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