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Innovate, Collaborate, Engage: Creating a User Driven Approach to the Development of Open Educational Resources (Will Engle, David Kohler)

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Robert Farrow
16 October 2012

The University of British Columbia supports an institutional wiki that serves as collaborative authoring space. The UBC Wiki is used as an open knowledge repository, a collection of university training materials and documentation, and a rapidly growing set of course materials and open educational resources. One such resource is the Math Exam Resources (MER) wiki, a community project started in March 2012 by graduate students at the UBC Math Department to provide an open and free educational resources to undergraduate students. The MER wiki was developed using an innovative approach that allowed for mass collaboration, rapid development, student engagement, and robust reuse. What makes a healthy environment that supports user inovation in the  development of such open educational content? Meet Will and David; a wiki administrator and an educator, who will share their perspectives on their collaboration and its results. Through this dialogue, they will 
explore how resource architecture and adaptable systems are important  for the creation of effective open education material. They will close the session with some best practices, daydreaming, and their vision for what's possible next.

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