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Closing Plenary (Creative Commons)

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Robert Farrow
16 October 2012

The closing plenary by Creative Commons will include:

  • launch of CC Version 4.0
  • Open Policy Institute
  • School of Open
  • LRMI

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Robert Farrow
9:59pm 16 October 2012 (Edited 10:04pm 16 October 2012)

An opportunity to crowdsource cc ideas:

CC licenses are now in their 4th iteration, adapting to global and local community needs as they have developed.  Cable Green went through the CC vision and mission: supporting and developing the infrastructure to maximise digital creativity and productivity.  

Question - can CC licences be global, or do they need to be adjusted to local context?

Educators will find that CC 4.0 makes compliance for licensees easier.  ShareAlike remains unchanged (there was some discussion about expanding it) and there is no change in the definitions of commercial and non-commercial use.

Hot issues: Compatibility with Free Art Licence, GPL; Porting; Non-commercial guidelines & stewardship; Attribution, marking and best practice.

Robert Farrow
10:09pm 16 October 2012

School of Open - a tool for educators to develop peer learning courses as well as more traditional structures.  The School is community based and keen to link up to those who can contribute ideas, resources and course materials which can help to contribute to the project.  Five courses will launch in Spring 2013 with the same number of launch pattners.

Robert Farrow
10:13pm 16 October 2012 (Edited 10:14pm 16 October 2012)

Open Policy Institute is designed to bring together affiliates who have identified opportunites to intriduce open policies so that publicly funded resources are openly licensed resources and help the move away from philanthropic funding.   They share best practice and effective strategies in a way that mirrors the structure of the School of Open.  By networking with doctoral students and fellows and identifying opportunites for rapid response they hope to make a real difference to the policy climate and raise the profile of open advocacy.


Robert Farrow
10:17pm 16 October 2012 (Edited 10:20pm 16 October 2012)

Open Professionals Education Network supports the TAACCCT initiative which encourages the use of CC licensing.  Partners include Creative COmmons, OLI, CAST Universal Design for Learning.

Robert Farrow
10:21pm 16 October 2012 (Edited 10:25pm 16 October 2012)

The Learning Resource Metadata Initiative (LRMI) is a project co-led by the Association of Educational Publishers and Creative Commons to create a standard metadata framework for tagging educational resources on the web. 

Next steps: grants available for supporting OER repositories to markup existing content and the make that metadata available under a CC0 licence for others to use and manipulate.

Robert Farrow
10:29pm 16 October 2012

CC Global Affiliate Network includes 71 formal affiliates and more informal working groups in a number of countries. As this unfolds, there is a growing recognition of the value of this network as an asset, providing expertise around the globe.  But there are still many gaps in the network and growth is needed.  There are many workshops taking place around the work and specific initiatives taking place in different national contexts.

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