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Final ESRC seminar: Looking back and looking forward: What does the future hold for career services?

ESRC seminar series ‘Re-framing service delivery, professional practices and professional identities in UK careers work'

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Sally-Anne Barnes
17 October 2012

In December 2010, Warwick Institute for Employment Research (IER) and Loughborough University School of Business and Economics initiated an ESRC funded seminar series across the UK and the Republic of Ireland to explore what the future might look like regarding reframed careers services for economic and social growth. The series of six seminars, delivered between December, 2010 and June 2012, has focused on contemporary challenges for the broad community of careers guidance across the different nations, involving employers, trade unions, academics, career trainers, managers and career practitioners. This seventh and final seminar in this prestigious series aims to capture a reflective overview of recent developments and provide a timely contribution to current policy debates about high quality and high performing careers services. It draws upon leading-edge research findings and brings together interested parties to discuss: Looking back and looking forward: What does the future hold for careers services? The seminar will culminate in a policy briefing paper to feed into relevant UK Parliamentary Groups, the National Careers Council in England and other interested parties.

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10.15am          Arrival and refreshments

10.30am          Welcome and scene setting     Professor Jenny Bimrose, Warwick IER and Nick Chambers, Director, Education & Employer Taskforce                                   

10.45am          Career guidance in England today: reform, accidental injury or attempted murder? Ken Roberts, Professor of Sociology, Social policy and Social Work Studies, University of Liverpool.

11.30am          Questions and Answers

11.45pm          Joining the Dots ­– reframing the careers landscape Dr Deirdre Hughes, OBE, Chair, National Careers Council & Commissioner, UKCES & Ruth Spellman, OBE, Immediate Past Chair of the UK Careers Profession Alliance and CEO, Workers Educational Association (WEA)

12.15pm          Careers work in schools ­­– a fresh start? David Andrews, OBE, leading expert in careers education systems across the UK

12.45pm          Questions and Answers          

1.00pm            LUNCH

1.30pm            Careers world: employer insights Katerina Rudiger, Skills Policy Adviser, CIPD

2.00pm            Graduate hope and prosperity – making it happen Carl Gilleard, Chief Executive, AGR

2.30pm            Questions and Answers

3.00pm            Summary & Closing Remarks  Professor Alan Brown, Warwick IER           

3.15pm            CLOSE

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Sally-Anne Barnes
12:04 on 2 November 2012 (Edited 12:08 on 2 November 2012)

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Sally-Anne Barnes
12:07 on 2 November 2012

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