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Track OER - grand finale

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Nick Freear
18 October 2012

Below you will find two short videos summarizing the aims and outputs from the JISC-funded Track OER Project undertaken in the Institute of Educational Technology at The Open University.

  1. A two minute video by principal investigater, Professor Patrick McAndrew,
  2. A three minute slide cast by lead developer, Dr Nick Freear (slides).

You can also view them in this YouTube playlist.


Transcript for the video by Patrick McAndrew

Finale video by Patrick McAndrew

TRACK OER is a project supported by the JISC OER Rapid Innovation programme (OERRI). It has developed ways to help keep track of Open Educational Reources. OER have the challenge of being in the open and so actually what happens to content can become a bit of a mystery –- if content is trackable then we can improve what we know about use, help increase the evidence base and make it easier for those who want to reuse content to do the right thing.

In practice we have built three things. A transferable tracking system combining the Cut and Paste “CaPRéT” software built by MIT in a previous JISC project, A way to add tracking code to downloads so that we can see where new copies are being used and served, and tools to help apply tracking. These have all been through the acceptance testing process of The Open University so that they can be rolled out into our systems and of course, the code is all open source and available.

We see this code as helping us know things that we just couldn't find out before and the content for the Bridge to Success courses has now been marked with the tracking code. We also know that it has triggered ideas that we want to take forward: better ways to embed content with good attribution and tracking, a trackable license chooser for creative commons, and better ways to share evidence in our OER Research hub.

To get at the software and see it in action visit,

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Track OER - grand finale video v1.1, by Patrick McAndrew

Track OER - grand finale video v1.1, by Patrick McAndrew

added by Nick Freear

Track OER slide cast, v2

Track OER slide cast, v2

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Track OER slides v2

Track OER slides v2

added by Nick Freear


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