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Track OER - OER Commons bookmarklet service screen cast

Cloud created by:

Nick Freear
19 October 2012

Transcript for a screen cast on OU Podcasts. Also available via YouTube.

Watch the screen cast on YouTube


Track OER is a JISC-funded project to demonstrate technical solutions to the problem of tracking OER (Open Educational Resources). As part of the Track OER project we have developed a service to add license-tracker snippets to resources available through the OER Commons portal.

And, here's how it works:

  1. First visit the link track dot olnet dot org and put at the end a question mark, edge equals one, (this just means use experimental features)
  2. Then make sure your browser's bookmarklets/ bookmarks bar is available
  3. Then drag the bookmarklet that's in the bottom-left of the site to your bookmarks or favourites bar,
  4. Now visit OER Commons,
  5. Browse using the menus on the left, among the materials. I'll choose something from the Arts section. Here's a resource available through OER Commons, the Aaron Copland Collection,
  6. Then simply click on the bookmarklet you saved previously..
  7. Wait a few [moments]…
  8. And view the resulting license-snippet. You get a preview here, and some copy and paste here.

By default the snippet uses Piwik no-Javascript tracking and a Creative Commons Attribution License. You can switch to Google Analytics, here, like so… Here's the Google Analytics [Java]script…

Additionally, you can change the license, for example using… the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike [License] like so.

Currently the Track OER bookmarklet service is mostly a demonstration. It can be used by a publisher on small batches of OERs. Download the Track OER code and consider integrating it into your publishing workflow for full scale integration of tracking. We are considering extending the current functionality into an “Embed Me” or “Embed 'n' Track” service for OpenLearn and OER Commons.

Watch this space!

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OER Commons bookmarklet service - screen cast demonstration

OER Commons bookmarklet service - screen cast demonstration

added by Nick Freear


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