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Yishay Mor
23 October 2012

This cloud is set up as a space for discussion for a blog post on the olds mooc site.

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Joshua Underwood
1:51pm 2 November 2012

Definitely agree that agregation is a key issue and like the sound of the requirements your suggesting.

What I'm less sure about is how much you want a tool like that to do for you and how much you need to do it for yourself in order to make the connections meaningful?

Certainly in the MOOC context you need tools like this to help you have any hope of keeping abreast of what is going on and finding and engaging with the stuff you want to connect (guess that is the aggregation bit).

The you need to do the curation (and correlation bit) using whatever tools you like using I guess. 

This is very much what the intention of the Week 2 - task 8. Curate & Engage activity was but with the onus on participants curating and takign the intiative and finding the tools to get others to engage with/feedback on products.

Engage being a bit like your 'nominate' funtionality I guess - BUT rather than nominating a feed to aggregate nominating a 'product/s' (e.g. some static media or collection of media) week by week.

Joshua Underwood
1:51pm 2 November 2012 (Edited 1:52pm 2 November 2012)


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