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Online Repositories of Learning Designs: Pipedreams and Possibilities

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Susan McKenney
5 November 2012

ARV-TILD workshop strand:
Sharing learning designs (visit GoogleDoc)

Online Repositories of Learning Designs: Pipedreams and Possibilities
ARV 2013 Workshop on Teacher-led Inquiry and Learning Design: The Virtuous Circle
Susan McKenney, OUNL & UT

Paper Abstract
Around the globe both country-specific and international organizations have been exploring the potential of sharing digital resources for education, including learning designs. Repositories are created and used for a variety of reasons ranging from efficiency to innovation and even financial gain. While some commercial repositories have met with success in certain countries, few -if any- open access repositories have achieved sufficient critical mass to fully realize their goals. While research literature exists that can help specify characteristics of effective open access learning design repositories, we severely lack sufficient insight into how to design and launch for sustainable repository use that is consistent with the initiative’s goals. This paper presents observations and critical reflections with the aim of stimulating research that can help bring the repository vision to life in ways not yet achieved.

Learning design; online repositories; open access

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Morgan Cooper
6:14am 6 October 2017

Around the globe both country specific and general affiliations have been investigating the limit of sharing pushed resources for manage, Paper-Dome including learning designs. Records are made and used for a strategy of reasons running from viability to advance and even cash related favorable position. A debt of gratitude is in order for shearing this post with me I would love to peruse this instructive post.

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