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Cloud created by:

Yishay Mor
14 November 2012

Please use this cloud to leave us your feedback on this activity. You can use the form below,  or leave a comment on this cloud. Your comments on the cloud will be visible to other participants, but anything you enter in the form will only be visible to the MOOC facilitators.

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added by Yishay Mor


Tracey Johnson
8:10am 11 January 2013

There are too many clouds called "Feedback" - can this one be retitled with the OLDSMOOC?

Kind regards

Tracey Johnson

Heather Peters
10:41pm 11 January 2013

There seems to be an abundance of platforms and spaces for instruction, communication, collaboration. I'm not certain if this is a good or bad thing. I'll see how things go as I become more familiar with the way this course is designed over the next week or so.


Bill Steele
6:13pm 12 January 2013

I can't seem to locate the search function or the Cloud Quest activity. Possibly just unfamilarty. Struggling a bit to get to grips with this approach

Rebecca Galley
9:35pm 12 January 2013

Sorry Bill the search is broken at the moment - we're hoping to get it up again next week. You can search using the Clouds or tags tabs at the top of the page. I'll post here as soon as it's back in. Rebecca

Yishay Mor
1:37am 13 January 2013

this is the feedback cloud for the "introduce yourself" activity.

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