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brainstorming learning design

10 January 2013

Deadline: 17 January 2013

Cloud created by:

Yishay Mor
14 November 2012

What does "learning design" mean for you? Edit the mindmap, add your ideas and comment on others' or join the discussion at:

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Peter Bryant has currated some resources at:

Some references, to seed the discussion (all tagged at

Shirley Agostinho, Sue Bennett, Lori Lockyer, and Barry Harper. The future of learning design. Learning, Media and Technology, (36)2:97-99, 2011. URL

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Yishay Mor, and Brock Craft. Learning Design: reflections on a snapshot of the current landscape. In D.G. Hawkridge, S. Verjans, and G. Wilson (Eds.), Research in Learning Technology, 2012. URL

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added by Yishay Mor


Marie Arndt
4:02pm 13 January 2013

Hi Yishay and all,

I used Mindmeister briefly a while ago and now I don't remember how to use it. I didn't want to edit anything, because I was afraid of ruining what is already there. haven't got the time to fiddle about with it right now, but will try again if I get a chance before end of the week. Frustrating!

My weekend is Thursday and Friday here in Oman, in case you think I'm quiet during Saturdays and Sundays.




Tony Gleeson
11:38pm 13 January 2013

Like Marie, I also find the possibility to edit this map daunting - it seems very functional in the context of this mooc, if anything a bit too much descriptive information that has been drawn from other areas.


Maybe the point of this activity is to generate a group mind map that assists in forming ideas and areas of responsibility / ownership of the collaboration.



Anyway - it is very impressive - both the site and the original mindmap.






Heather Peters
5:56am 14 January 2013


I've had a look at the mindmap but am finding it a little hard to follow with all of the many screens. I work off an 11" screen so it is difficult to work with that sort of document/layout.

Is there anyway to print it off to see it as a whole instead of in 'bits'?


Tiffany Crosby
6:22pm 14 January 2013

I agree with the comments posted so far, I opened the mindmap but the idea of editing seemed daunting. I felt like I was lacking enough context to fit my ideas into the map. I wasn't sure I fully followed the thought stream on some of the branches. I also wasn't sure exactly what the objective was and what would truly add value.

Bronwyn Hegarty
10:14pm 14 January 2013

take the plunge everyone and have a go at editing the mindmap - I eventually figured it out by trial and error. A tip - click on the balloon you want to add to then go to the menu at the top and click the +. I am wondering how to get the pdf of James Dalziel's article on learning design - is it available? I am looking forward to exploring the readings - does anyone know of anything focused on mobile learning? Bron

Tony Gleeson
4:49am 15 January 2013 (Edited 4:50am 15 January 2013)

Hi Bronwyn


Good point about the mLearning scenario.

I take the very basic approach, at least until I understand it further and that is:

work to rendering everything through a mobile browser eg. safari, opera etc on ipad / iphone / windows and android. I just work with the basics - simple audio, video etc and links. I am waiting for the dust to settle before investing too much time in keeping up.

good work too, taking the plunge.



Joshua Underwood
10:58am 15 January 2013

Hi Bronwyn,

For mobile learning you might find  mobimooc a useful collection of resources

Susanne Winchester
2:28pm 16 January 2013

I also found the mindmap almost impenetrable, so have joined the discussion on google instead.

Anthea Wilson
7:06pm 17 January 2013

Hi, I opened a Mindmeister account, but still can't get access. It keeps asking me for a map password.

Yishay Mor
12:00am 23 January 2013

Ho Anthea,

Please try again - if it doesn't work, use the pwd "coomsldo".

But be warned: it has become quite messy. You might be better off in the discusion group.



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