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Cercar maneres d'acostar l'arquitectura a l'educació primària

teresa carrera
05:10 on 6 November 2014

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added by Yishay Mor

Mark Johnstone: Competency-based assessment in second language learning and teaching

Mark Johnstone: Competency-based assessment in second language learning and teaching

added by Mark Johnstone


Tony Gleeson
11:49pm 10 January 2013

Tony Gleeson: <open to suggestions or a collaboration>

Tags: elearning Activity Motivation 

Your situation (context)


Describe the material and social characteristics of the environment in which you operate. Where will your project take place? Who are the main actors involved? Include images, videos, sketches - anything that would help others understand the opportunities and constraints you are dealing with.

Like to work with the basics, mainly because novice users are often confronted by techno glitz and noise.


I wish to work with at least one other from this MOOC on a simple project that:


  • motivates
  • makes activity engaging and enjoyable
  • not too hard and not too easy - a reasonable challenge
  • some peer critique
  • shared learning experience

 Anyone interested?



The change you would like to see (challenge)


What do you hope to achieve? What would be different if you succeed?

I am not looking at changing much - not within the next couple of months,


I want to embed a templatable solution that is extensible and in a learning object format - perhaps with simple media - an mp3 or 1 mb video, but with group solutions to questions posed.




How you might go about bringing that change


What is your pedagogical approach? Which technologies will you use to implement it, and how?

learner centric - group solutions, peer questions and answers ...


simple manageable technologies only - nothing too wild like 3d animations, 2nd life, scenerio based software, games etc.


Just a forum style so that solutions evolve via contributary, stimulating text based narritives.



Helen Walmsley-Smith
9:48am 11 January 2013

The link to the google template document above does not work :(

Phil Langton
5:02pm 11 January 2013

As Helen says the link does not work. Copying it opens a template area but if you agree to use it then you see an error screen (can't paste in screenshot) saying there is a server error



Yishay Mor
12:22am 12 January 2013

Hi Helen, Phil - that's strange. I click and it works for me. Can you email me the screenshot? yishay dot mor at open dot ac dot uk

Try this:

  • go to
  • click create / from template
  • search for dreambazaar
let me know if it works

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