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Feedback: Dreambazaar activity

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Yishay Mor
14 November 2012

Please use this cloud to leave us your feedback on the Dreambazaar activity. You can use the form below,  or leave a comment on this cloud. Your comments on the cloud will be visible to other participants, but anything you enter in the form will only be visible to the MOOC facilitators.

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Peter Miller
5:53pm 13 January 2013

I like the bazaar concept but it would be even more useful if you used a virtual world and had a virtual bazaar where avatars could chat live around a poster summarizing their project and maybe have it structured so posters could be aggregated by theme.

Yishay Mor
11:33pm 13 January 2013

Hi Peter, I beg to differ - but that could be your dreambazar project proposal!

Peter Miller
6:21am 14 January 2013

I already have a project, thanks. Perhaps I can factor in some element of crowd-sourcing. Let's see.

Jonathan Vernon
7:24am 14 January 2013

I know from experience of learning entirely online with the Open University for the last three years (the MA in Open and Distance Education) that the best approach is to make an intelligent go of it even if you know at first that you feel you have gone to the wrong cocktail party, in fancy dress, wearing a blindfold. I'm trying to follow the instructions but feel like the kid with an Airfix model wearhing ski gloves. This feeling of hopelessness eventually goes. I learnt to swim, I learnt to ski. I can edit video. I can keep a blog in Wordpress. If I can't function in a MOOC then I may give up.

Siglinde Pape
4:32pm 14 January 2013




can someone else display this dreambazaar cloud: ? it's mine, but I always get a message saying "Google logoDrive

We're sorry. This document is not published."

although it's showing up in the cloud list...

Bob Ridge-Stearn
4:48pm 14 January 2013

Siglinde, I can see it OK. It says - 

Siglinde: My dream: Sign language MOOCs

Best wisshes,


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