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joshuau: scenarios

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Joshua Underwood
28 November 2012

This is where I am collecting together versions of scenarios I develop. 

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Initial scenario for participation in a MOOC

Initial scenario for participation in a MOOC

added by Joshua Underwood


Julie Lirot
6:40pm 17 January 2013

What approaches and concepts are you incorporating?  I'm just curious about what is working for you so I can compare to my own experiences.

Joshua Underwood
7:42pm 17 January 2013

Hi Julie. In that scenario the final line is trying to identify what might be a suitable 'authentic' outcome for Jon. So, one thing I use is scenarios and I try to incorporate outcomes and then refine the scenarios through discussion with learners, stakeholders and other designers.

I also use Luckin's (2010) Ecology of Resources Design Framework as I feel that gives me a different way of understanding and thinking about context. Particularly an approach for think about (and going out and investigating) the resources (social, technical and otherwise) that may be available to help learners and the filters that constrain their interactions with these resources. I feel that can provide me with insights about how we might try to change and influence a learner's context that are potentially useful in design.

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