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MOOC_workshop: eor phase 1

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Joshua Underwood
28 November 2012

Some examples of using eor phase 1 from a MOOC design workshop

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Extra content

Some example MOOC resources & filters identified by participants in a design workshop.

EoR Catgories:

Knowledge and Skills:

  • Used computers for much of his career
  • Practicalities of academic work
  • Understands learning design, curricula, learning outcomes
  • Variable understanting learning, teaching, and assessment strategies
  • Unserstand academic administration, policies and procedures
  • Understanding of quality, quality assurance, and enhancement
  • An outdated knowledge of what it means to be a student (student's experience, but might not admit/accept this)


  • Office at Uni with a reasonable WiFi network, but firewalls might limit his access to some resources
  • Home office with broadband connection
  • Home environment that is will not interfere with MOOC work
  • Institutional recognition of the importance of ongoing CPD

Tools and People

  • Laptop computer with camera and Skype
  • Mobile smartphone, Tablet Device
  • Library and Digital Library access
  • IT depeartment that is effective and suportive
  • Colleagues to ask questions of
  • A Learning Devolpment Unit that supports staff development, training, etc.


  • Time and workload
  • Connectivity
  • Motivation
  • Sketpticism/thinking that it will not be beneficial
  • Lack of support from the institution, in spite of a mandate
  • Lack of management's understanding of what a MOOC is
  • (Potential positive filters): enthusiasm for trying it out (intrinsic motivation), push by department to try it out (extrinsic motivation

Tools and people: Cloudscape for the course, personal blog and Twitter, other participants, MOOC design team

Knowledge and skills: Some experience of teaching, reasonably proficient at using social and participatory media, in terms of the MOOC knowledge and skills is what the MOOC is about i.e. an overview of learning design research

Environment: online, informal, time bound to the duration of the course - i.e. 8 - 10 weeks in Autumn 2012

Environment - my current work insofar as it relates to learning design, career prospects, pressures on teaching, opportunities for new ways of teaching, resources limitations, new types of students,

Tools and People - opportunities for new ways of teaching, rather old technologies, some colleagues who are dismissive of technology, conventional technologies are dominant and well provided for, some good innovative colleagues who are technicallly able but overworked

Knowledge and skills- resources and intentions of the course; the representation of knowledge in the field; the opportunities provided by the course to practice new skills

Learner characteristics - lots of experience of teaching, but no training in how to teach; lots of subject knowledge in a fast changing area that I keep up with online; trying to keep up with new technology skills, but aware of falling behind

Knowledge and skills:


  • Other facilitators and participants personal experiences
  • Resources they find on the web (open resources, press articles, blog posts, scholary papers)


People and tools:


  • The MOOC leader
  • Other facilitators
  • other participants
  • people not in the MOOC but in participants / facilitators daily circles.
  • Mailing lists, wikis, blogs, forums, facebook, shared documents




  • Institutional environment
  • MOOC community ("CoP", with core and periphiral participants)

Joshua Underwood
22:11 on 28 November 2012

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EoR Design Scenario described

EoR Design Scenario described

added by Joshua Underwood

Summary of EoR phase 1 discussion

Summary of EoR phase 1 discussion

added by Joshua Underwood


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