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Feedback: team up!

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Yishay Mor
3 December 2012

Please use this cloud to leave us your feedback on the olds mooc team up! activity. You can use the form below,  or leave a comment on this cloud. Your comments on the cloud will be visible to other participants, but anything you enter in the form will only be visible to the MOOC facilitators.

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Tracey Johnson
2:13pm 12 January 2013

Hi Yishay,

I've searched the Support tab to find out how to start the conversation with others about teaming up on a project.  Alas I couldn't find the open discussion group link.
So I am resorting to emailing you - gosh I feel like one of my students!
Tracey Johnson

Lesley Shield
2:15pm 14 January 2013 (Edited 2:15pm 14 January 2013)

Looking at the instructions, it appears that the team cloud and the dreambazaar cloud are not the same thing - or are they? It seems that a lot of them are and I'm now confused as I'd assumed from the messages from Yishay that they weren't, e.g.

'It is critical that "dreambazaar" clouds are in the "dreambazaar" cloudscape, team clouds in the team cloudscape, etc. '

Can you clarify, please? The above link didn't explain further, as far as I could see. It could, as Yishay says, become a 'huge pile of spaghetti', especially if project teams are bringing together aspects of different projects; surely a new cloud(scape) needs to be formed for that?


Clem WIlkinson
10:17pm 14 January 2013

In one discussion I suggested as an example, the following naming convention:

  • Digital Literacies Study Circle Cloudscape
    (Which we can all add clouds and information to)
  • Digital Literacies Study Circle Cloud
    (Where one person summarises the people, projects so that it can be added to the OLDSMOOC study circle Cloudscape)
  • DL "Team "Project Name" Cloudscape
    (In which the team places all their relevant clouds)
  • DL "Team Project Name" Cloud
    (A summary cloud that is placed in the Study Circle Cloudscape)

Would this (or similar) help us make sure we have the right clouds in the right cloudscapes? Possibly confusion lies in that I feel it is not initailly obvious if I am looking at a Cloud or Cloudscape; (I tend to look at the URL). Plus, that projects/teams need a cloudscape in which they might collate relevent clouds of information and a project/team cloud that can be added to the OLDSMOOC project cloudscape and their study group cloudscape? If, I've understood cloudworks correctly.

Best regards,


Art Oglesby
11:15pm 14 January 2013 (Edited 11:15pm 14 January 2013)

I am unsure about these instructions.

"Create a cloudscape for your team. If you need any help - try the getting started cloud. Use the "permissions" link on the right-hand navigation to add all team members as "admins" for your cloud."

I thought permission were for cloudscapes not clouds.

Also, do I need to ask for e-mail addresses for permission, or is there another way?



Stephen Bright
11:55pm 14 January 2013

I don't know if this is obvious to anyone else, but that the main activity is arranged for project teams means there will be 'winners' and 'losers' as the teams self-select.  If a project is something that you have proposed but that no-one else 'signs up' for what happens then? For particular work reasons you may be committed to doing this project but the fact that no-one else in the MOOC is interested means you come to a screeching halt OR (specifically not recommended) you continue doing the design work solo. 

So do you then abandon your project and look for someone elses project to join? In an ideal world about 20%-30% of active participants would propose projects, and the rest of the MOOC participants would join in as team members across all the projects but obviously this will not happen. 

I don't think there is any wasy solution to this but it does seem to me to be an issue for the design of this particular MOOC.

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