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Feedback: OLDS MOOC

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Yishay Mor
3 December 2012

Please use this cloud to leave us your feedback on the olds mooc study circle activity. You can use the form below,  or leave a comment on this cloud. Your comments on the cloud will be visible to other participants, but anything you enter in the form will only be visible to the MOOC facilitators.

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Siglinde Pape
7:57pm 14 January 2013

is there an interactive/collaborative map of the participants somewhere so we can identify who are our "nearby neighbours"? maybe setting up a google map for that purpose?

Lesley Shield
9:05am 16 January 2013

I think this would have to be voluntary rather than automatic. I would find such a tool threatening and an invasion of my privacy, for example, though some people would love it ;-)

Yishay Mor
3:07pm 16 January 2013

Hi Singlinde, 

Please feel free to set up a map and invite participants to list themselves.


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