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OLDS MOOC: Introduction and discussion

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Yishay Mor
3 December 2012

Below you can find an introduction to week 1 of  the OLDS MOOC

Join the discussion on the open group:!forum/olds-mooc-open

  • Introduce yourself
  • What are your hopes for the MOOC?


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Toronto Maple Leafs (20-14-3) at Boston Bruins (19-15-3), 7 p.m. (ET)

Toronto Maple Leafs (20-14-3) at Boston Bruins (19-15-3), 7 p.m. (ET)

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Tabitha Roder
11:59pm 9 January 2013

Oh, we can write here! Question - what are the advantages/disadvantages of talking about the video in here or in!forum/olds-mooc-open

Patrick McAndrew
5:00pm 10 January 2013

The best place for the discussion about the video is in the google groups. Cloudworks should come into its own if you need to make a personal space and work with others. So yes get across to!forum/olds-mooc-open

Carol Randall
7:40am 11 January 2013

This seems to be the only place I can contribute. I can see the google group discussion, but cannot seem to join the group or contribute in any way.

Derek Chirnside
9:43pm 11 January 2013

Carol, check ut the link here:  
It will tell you how to join the two Google groups lists.


Karen Pinney
4:52pm 12 January 2013

Not sure how but I have made it this far but seen an introductory video at least 5 times. I am not confident I will find my way around but I live in hope.... Hello everyone.

Pauline Porcaro
12:47am 14 January 2013

Hi all, I think I'm the late starter! It's holiday time in Australia so I'm trying to keep up but finding too many interruptions, one being my University has blocked us from Google groups, I'm trying to have that rectified but it could be slow, so maybe this is my only place to chat. I'm feeling a little lost at this stage but will try to keep up; not sure where I should be but will endeavour today to work it out, cheers p

Jonathan Vernon
7:10am 14 January 2013

The latest email from Yishay sums up the potential confusion ... he says it is like juggling three machetes. I might put it differently - juggling several raw eggs while learning to skateboard. It won't matter if I fall off or break one or all of the eggs - though I'd prefer not to. New to trying to make a MOOC work for me. It does look and behave like spaghetti being served up in a busy Italian restaurant in a powercut. I take the view that the ONLY way to learn is to get stuck in. Give it a go. Give it your best shot and if you make a mistake someone will come along and say ... this is meant to go in the disucssion group. Here is the link. Like setting up camp at  Glastonbury? Or even less cohesive than that? We can and will, ghost like, disappear and reappear. 

Catherine Coltman
9:52am 14 January 2013

I am another late starter and trying to find everything.

Debra Morris
1:46pm 14 January 2013

I anticipate eating quite a few omelettes over the coming weeks.....Hello

Laura McLoughlin
4:10pm 14 January 2013

Hi there, glad to see I am not the only late comer. I am trying to find my way round the material and the course but I too don' t seem to able to post anything anywhere else. Will try that link suggested by Derek, thanks.

Lynn Bright
12:14am 15 January 2013

Hello - I'm another late newcomer. I did try starting the course the other day but although I work online all day and have already taken two MOOC classes as a student, I didn't find the instructions very easy to follow so as I was busy I shelved it. However, I'm back to give it another go! 

Janette Kruger
1:00pm 15 January 2013

Hi all- I'm also a late comer. Taking part in a MOOC is new to me, but I am interested in MOOCs and will give it a go!

Eleonora Morelli
11:37pm 15 January 2013

Hi There,

I am also starting late. This is my first MOOC and I have to admit that it was difficult yesterday to understand all the different components of the course. I cannot say today I have a much better understanding, but I hope it will become clearer. I work in an online environment as well and I look forward to learning more.


Alessandro Saroli
12:17am 16 January 2013


I am also starting late as I have just come back from five days tutoring at a Residential School. Like for many others this is the first MOOC for me too and I am still trying to understand how this all works. More to come...


Sara Hammer
8:31am 16 January 2013

Hi everyone,

Yet another latecomer, just back from holidays and catching up with everything. This is also my first MOOC so I imagine that this will be a bit of a learning curve.

Cheers, Sara

Terry Di Paolo
5:51pm 16 January 2013 (Edited 5:52pm 16 January 2013)


Just starting out too - the digest emails have been a lifesaver (made me feel part of things when I just didn't have time to engage!)

This is my first MOOC as a participant but I've been doing some work in my new home (I used to work at the OU in the UK I now live in Dallas) on MOOCS in North America and I'm playing around with the idea of a paper on the sociological impact of MOOCS on learners and those wanting to access higher education.


Salman Salloum
10:47pm 16 January 2013



I’m a Software Engineer. I have an Engineering Diploma from the Department of Software Engineering and Information Systems, Damascus University. My graduation project focused on Instructional Design for Developing Reusable Learning Objects for pre-university curricula, and Developing a Learning Object Repository Supplied by Retrieval and Browsing Capabilities. 

Now, I’m preparing my master degree which focuses on the Reusability of Learning Objects.

I’m responsible for eLearning Content development in a Digital Content company in Syria, where I do tasks like instructional design and project management.

 In addition, I started last year as a tutor at the Syrian Virtual University, where I teach an “Introduction to Online Education” course. In this course, we try to prepare students for learning in a virtual learning environment.

 I'm interested in this course as I'd like to learn more about learning design and to explore an new MOOC experience.  

Looking forward to learning with you! 

Salman Salloum

Morten Mosgaard
1:04pm 17 January 2013

Hi All

Another late starter to the group. This seemed to exciting to miss out on.

See you around!

.Morten, Denmark

Graham Storey
11:32pm 17 January 2013

I'll qualify as a new latecomer or a late newcomer, take your pick. 

Look forward to moocing with you all.


Sheona Thomson
12:41am 18 January 2013

Hi there, 

Dawdling newbie too, just back from holidays.

Looking forward to this experience.



Vijay Prasad
2:25am 29 January 2013

Hi All,

I know, very late start, but better late than never right. My name is Vijay Prasad and I am from Fiji Islands.

I was born and raised in this country including my education. My tertiary education was at the University of the South Pacific which is where i currently teach. I teach computer science and information systems to the foundation (pre degree) students & I am currently a Master of Science in Computing Science student at the same institute. My thesis topic is on online learning and designing an automated user response system on an online learning environment. Therefore i strongly feel that this course is going to set me in the right direction.

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