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joshuau: learning journal

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Joshua Underwood
4 December 2012

Reflections on my activity (learning & design work) throughout the oldsmooc.

This is part of my 'joshuau: portfolio' cloudscape.

Decided to do my reflection on this WordPress blog and embed here (if/when that works ;-)

Extra content

My introduction

Hi :-)

I'm Josh. I'm hoping to participate throughout the oldsmooc and I am particuallry involved in week 2.

I'm interested in designing and delivering educational experiences of all sorts but I'm particulalry interested in:


  • methods for design and innovation
  • language learning and inquiry learning
  • developing web-based and mobile stuff to support learning (trajectories) across settings and episodes.


Joshua Underwood
13:43 on 4 December 2012 (Edited 15:08 on 4 December 2012)

My objectives for week 1

  • Join a team and/or form one, preferably around a design challenge that is interesting to me.
  • Start to describe that design challenge
  • Revise & feel more confident about how I define Learning Design.

Possible measures


  • Am I in a team by Jan 14th 2013? 
  • Is the teams' focus something that interests me?
  • Do we have an initial description of the design challenge we want to address? I guess I'll want to look at the criteria around describing a design challenge to evaluate the extent to which we meet that objective.
  • If I was asked to explain what I meant by 'learning design' at a job interview could I do it in a sentence in a way that held the interviewer's attention and sold me as a desireable person to work with... Or something like that ;-) Not sure how I'm going to assess that. By going to some job interviews perhaps?



Joshua Underwood
15:11 on 4 December 2012 (Edited 12:54 on 20 December 2012)

My plans for week 2

I want to think about learner context for my project and share my thinking with others. I also want to see whether the way I think about learner context changes.

I've put my schedule for activity in week 2 in a calendar and I'm going to use that to co-ordinate with people in my design project team.

(update) I've rescheduled and deleted events from that calendar and now trying to use another calendar to co-ordinate with the people I want to work with.


  • Gain some useful insights for design of my project (something around a MOOC for learning English vocabulary)
  • Re-assess my own thinking about context

Assessment & Evaluation

  • Do I have new ideas for my design project that seem useful? I guess I will write something about my design ideas at the beginning and end of the week and look at what has changed. Or maybe, I could ask some others to look at those two reflections and decide whether they see progress?
  • I will do something similar for context. I'm not expecting my ideas about context to change much as I have spend a lot of time (probably too much) thinking about context!
  • I will also reflect on my own experience of using the learning design/s that are part of week 2. How do I feel they helped (or didn't help) me achieve my objectives? How might they be improved?




Joshua Underwood
11:41 on 20 December 2012 (Edited 14:57 on 17 January 2013)

Embedded Content

First post to learning journal

First post to learning journal

added by Joshua Underwood

Weekend thoughts on Week 1

Weekend thoughts on Week 1

added by Joshua Underwood


George Roberts
9:41pm 9 January 2013

Hi Josh. Cool, embed. Did it just work? I tried to embed from our WordPress and the link pasted but no content. What did you do?


Joshua Underwood
9:49pm 9 January 2013

I used the Add embedded content

button, gave it a title and pasted in the url field the url for the post, in this case

and it worked, kind of. 

By kind of I mean that I first did it with a post with no image and just some text and then changed the post and expected the embed to update. It didn't. Tried clearing the cache in my browser and that didn't work either. And then today the embed seems to updated...

hope that helps.


Joshua Underwood
10:12pm 9 January 2013

But I don't think it does :-( I can't embed from your blog or some others - I get the same result you are reporting...

Joshua Underwood
2:31pm 10 January 2013

And now what appeared to have been a successful embed from my wordpress blog has become less successful - just the link showing... Not sure why that should be? Maybe something to do with the work on cloudworks this morning?

carl gombrich
4:37pm 10 January 2013

Hi Joshua,

I seem to have created my OLDS cloud outside of the OLDSMOOC cloudscape. Anyway to plop it into the place where are the other MOOC clouds are (the cloudscape?).?


Joshua Underwood
9:40pm 15 January 2013

Yeah, WordPress embeds are back :-)

Jonathan Vernon
11:01pm 17 January 2013

Too much. I've been in the MOOC for well over 2 hours and this simply to feel I've completed tasks for Thursday. Whilst I relish a challenge, the biggest one is wanting to read many entries, to get to know several people and to spy on several projects, but at the moment it feels as if I am look not at a haystack with one needle in it ... but one hay bale with several hundred pins in it - I'm spoilt for choice. I rather think that it might dawn on people if everyone calls their journal 'My Learning Journal' it could be tricky knowing who is who. 

What is invaluable just reading ABOVE is seeing someone else's thought process mapped out. The easiest way to learn is to take what someone else has done and make it your own, to copy ... in the nice way, not plagiarism. The way siblings copy each other ... without getting into a fight about it!

Tony Gleeson
2:04am 18 January 2013

I can't help but think in a curriculum sense here.

Examples are offered throughout the mooc as expert, this isn't what is needed, OK you guys are the experts, we aren't.

Maybe start on the novice to expert continuum in a more orthodox way. You know how to do it, many of us don't - the examples and guides I have seen, whilst good don't seem to have a novice in mind.

Maybe it is worthwhile rethinking the cohort for what it is - a hugely diverse group of dedicated people with varying starting places on the learning curve.

ps. I know that in a couple of months it may seem to be clear and simple, but the novice to intermediate phase seems to be overlooked.


Joshua Underwood
11:17am 18 January 2013

Jonathan, I'm very glad you found something of value above :-) I'd agree that this environment is hard to find things in but there are some gems being created by participants. How to help people find and share these is a really challenge... I'm hoping the people playing with the api can do something.

Tony, thanks. You're right, the cohort is "a hugely diverse group of dedicated people with varying starting places on the learning curve" and there may not be enough support for novices. Bring people through the Pedagogy Andragogy Heutagogy PAH continuum as Fred Garnett describes it can be hard. If this was a face-to-face environment I would be working with you to try to understand quite where you are asking for more support and scaffold that but in this environment I'm not quite sure and overwhelmed anyway.

That said if you are wanting to ask specific questions about how to develop scenarios try this forum thread and I'll try to help.

Ebba Ossiannilsson
9:32am 22 January 2013

Impressing to read your writnings and contribuions on teh cours, I wish I could go s deepa s you

I will try in the comiong weeks

Althoug just to read yiur taughts, I have learned a lot, thanks

Joshua Underwood
9:42am 22 January 2013

thank you Ebba

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